Publication of poems in the Leipzig student magazine UNISÄX No. 11, July 1999, No. 13, December 1999 and No. 15, June 2000 as well as the article „Theses on Space Policy“ in No. 13, December 1999

Interview mit … Jesus Christus …

This book aims to appeal to adult and youth readers of every denomination and profession. The two-part main work of the volume has a fundamentally new and yet astonishingly clear interpretation of the Bible as its content, which consistently refers to insights and developments of modern times. The huge poem, comparable in scope to Heinrich Heine’s „Winter’s Tale“, is written in classical style as well as interview form and offers answers to 60 questions. A collection of a further 100 selected poems is entertaining to read and provides information about the development of the author’s world of thought and feeling in twelve preceding creative years.

R. G. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt/Main 2003, ISBN 978-3830105466

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This book establishes a link between essential Christian beliefs and scientific knowledge as well as developments in modern times. In this way, the author wants to contribute to closing the gap that exists today between conventional biblical interpretation and scientific knowledge. In order to do justice to this task, he has studied the aforementioned topic in depth. This book contains 112 poems in which the author deals with the subject matter, as well as a detailed essay in which the theses put forward in the poems are summarised and explained. For example, the question of why the people should start going into space is discussed.

Projekte-Verlag Cornelius, Halle 2010, ISBN 978-3862372645

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Die lyrischen Jahre. Sämtliche Gedichte

The poet, artist and biologist Alexander Einsiedel has already achieved a certain degree of fame with his volume of poetry „Interview with … Jesus Christ …“ published in 2003. This contains, among other things, a fictional interview with a Messiah figure written in classical verse form, comparable in scope to Heinrich Heine’s „Winter’s Tale“. The present book now brings together all 373 of the author’s poems, ranging in length from 6 to 85 lines, all – with one exception – again masterfully written in classical verse form. The early poems have a wide range of themes, with interpersonal love and love of classical visual art making up more extensive subject areas. Poems with philosophical content, which thematically lead to an opening towards the Christian religion, are also represented relatively frequently. The main themes of the more recent poems are the Christian faith and the colonisation of space.

Engelsdorfer Verlag, Leipzig 2015, ISBN 978-3957449061

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Wegzehrung der Auserwählten

Jesus Christ appeared to the author of this small book twice, in 1996 and 2003. The first time as described in the Scriptures Jesus’ Second Coming; the second time as in the Damascus experience of the future Apostle Paul. The texts published here are the first results of these two incisive encounters. The author has been studying the Bible since 1996. At the age of 29, after a baptismal seminar, he joined the Protestant Church and later received individual catechesis from a Jesuit priest for the purpose of conversion to the Catholic faith, which no longer took place. He understands himself as a messenger of Jesus Christ in the sense of Matthew 24:31 and Mark 13:27 (the Greek word for messenger is translated here as „angel“ in most Bible translations, however, there are human messengers as well as heavenly messengers).

Engelsdorfer Verlag, Leipzig 2022, ISBN 978-3969404232

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Texts for a Space Church

This is the 2023 completed English version of the book „Wegzehrung der Auserwählten“.

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