O thou, my Lord, let me not sink in the maelstrom of wild waves.
O thou, my Lord, let me not drown in this cold welling.
O thou, my Lord, O let me rise from this black water.
O thou, my Lord, O let me show that I am not tangible to the hater.
O thou, my Lord, O let me accomplish that which I owe to thee.
O thou, my Lord, let me not succumb to the weapons of the enemy of men.
Give meaning to my life!


A Lightning

1 A lightning has engulfed me and penetrated my spirit, so that I may shine brighter than the dark night of death. How could I know it beforehand, how could I foresee it beforehand, that suddenly a rift showed me a path in a labyrinthine shaft.
2 And now, now I must wander from one soul to another, that it may bear fruit, the young shoot of the vine. How should I know it now, how should I see it beforehand, whether lightning will continue to burn and still will go around the world, whether strong my winged steed!


Shine of Lightning

1 A lightning has appeared to me that continues to burn within me – I must now serve life so that it may be recognised.
2 A lifetime would be too long for a shine of lightning, you think, and you are afraid that my word would not be his?
3 What are already eighty years against eternity, from the womb to the grave, what is that already for time!
4 A single minor and brief moment, a flick of the finger, a clock hand tick.
5 Just a duration, as long as the shine of lightning lasts, which comes from the wall of clouds to the end of the sky.
6 In this short life I must wipe out the misery: God alone it is given, he threatens me with failure.


A New Year’s Eve Retreat 1996
(in Köthensdorf near Chemnitz/Germany)

1 No one I found awake when the pain of the world laid on my shoulders. No one I found awake when, lit by lightning, at the midnight hour in deep winter cold, I was frightened like a thief.
2 The Christians around me slept, I heathen watched alone. They could not lift the millstone from my neck.
3 I would have drowned already; but thanks to the lightning’s shine I have only sunk briefly, and this lightning is mine!
4 The day after the shine of light, I received their Scripture. Then once more I had to sink into hate and poison.
5 But laughing I can now proclaim: The Bible is worth something when the Lamb’s body ascends to heaven.
6 You are the members of the body and the cells of the plant, and I will never come back; the one that lives follows the light…


Christ Only

1 Christ has flashed within me, so let me be your hope; God grant that my deed may profit you, is the future also open!
2 Christ now shines forth through words given to me. I wrote them down, and through the Word I show you the way to life.
3 Christ’s command to the mission be given to you anew – eternal life is a reward that heals all wounds.


The End of the World

1 The globe will melt, devoured by hell – this is how the world ends, as I describe it here – when the cries of the beings have long since faded away, who found no abode here forever!
2 I do not count a billion more years until nothing moves on our planet – I see only deserts full of glowing hot stones; summer is near, to weed the weeds!

April 1998

The Noah Plan

1 To banish him for all time, death I want to assassinate, the tyrant – that is my resolution at all times, I want to live for the eternity.
2 An army of the Spirit shall arise; and nevermore shall it decay, to create that path so narrow which saves from the torment of hell.
3 The mighty stream of human deeds shall not go into conflagration, its fall shall not lead into the embers – it shall break out into the wide universe.
4 Be guided by the image of Noah, like him you must prepare the way, so vast as never imagined – an army of the Spirit plans only such.
5 For when the floods of fire and the night of clouds approach, then we must hurry, to save the earth’s tribe before the last dam bursts.
6 O let not such a deed seem small to you, life does not keep itself in stalks, life remains only as splendour. Damnation would be eternal night.
7 Therefore, gather yourselves into divisions and do not dwell on your own! Let the army of heaven rise, let the „Noah Plan“ take its course!


Fruit of Wrongdoing

1 Free yourself from the everyday snares, otherwise you will never succeed in the throw!
2 Untie yourself from the bonds of sloth, for those who did not find the right things to do, their song will one day sadly fade away, and their goods will strand on the old shore…


Call to Repentance

1 You squander what is not yours, you already now burn it in the fire; what shall remain one day that the end does not approach?
2 You scorn what is not right for you, you corrupt what is not according to your will; you do not want to give to life what is of life.
3 You will not find salvation, you will not escape the flames, if YOU do not let yourselves be moved to reversal!
4 And to the gate of heaven the rider of that white horse alone points; and his kingdom, that is the universe!


Shop in the Church

1 As long as buyers go in and out there, I call the house a den of thieves.



1 For who else shall come to save all the pious, if they do not do it themselves? To hope for extraterrestrials, that would be a bad thing; hear my advice now!
2 A Noah is saved because he recognises danger and lies there just as he has bedded down, and does not get mystically lost.
3 And God gave us technology and gave us science; and though a child may be little, it grows with strength into a man or into a woman. Everyone knew it before, by God, he knew it well. Unless God sends death.
4 Therefore be afraid and pray, we all together are one child; and dig deep the riverbed as long as this rivulet runs,
5 for if it seeps away divided before it reaches its destination, then no pastor Nickhart will help, then no priest Eichschrein will help. And hell never retreats from wet stream, and eternal will not Rome, new will not Jerusalem.


Head Stone of the Corner

1 The world is hostile to me and is strange, I hope for your deeds! You need not worry about bread and shirt, whom I have advised in German.
2 I give you another burden, I put the sting of death in your flesh; do not continue to saw your own branch, let me brick serve you as the head stone of the corner.


Religion – Opium of the People?

1 „Opium for the people.“ I rebel against it! And those who milked the faith, who were certain of its nullity, I want to refute.
2 Let doubt be a thorn in my side and yours. You shall reap the grain that has grown in the meantime, that it may be fit for sowing!



1 If television grabs you by the neck, grabs you by the throat, you can pack your backpack: Colourful dreams paralyse your soul.


Limits of Hope

1 But I know there is a limit; and behind it lurks death, who hopes that his scythe will bring him a rich harvest, that his kingdom will not suffer hardship.
2 What helps all our hopes if our seeds do not bear fruit; at the time of sowing everything was still open – now the way is narrow, the gate is strait; what does our mowing bring us?
3 The sower, he built on knowledge, as every righteous man does. But if wise reapers are missed, then you are grain, then the blood of mankind will run on the scythe of death.



1 And when summer is finally here, you should know one thing: Autumn and winter will follow soon, otherwise time would be torn apart.
2 And again that circle begins, for it must last forever; and again your blood curdles with fear of childbearing.
3 And again, again it will happen, otherwise faith would be a lie, otherwise life would perish, the last hour would strike.
4 But never again shall a man come along on the feet of a suitor, carrying heavily on the cross from which Christ was taken.
5 For nevermore shall perish that which originates from my shoot; I say it – and so it shall be done – that your heart may be kindled.
6 Millions of your species shall follow the call of heaven; and thus says my presence: follow the call of heaven!



1 I want to herd you away from here, to the lush pastures, to the living springs! Who wants to burn shall stay; who wants to live must depart, fire is followed by darkness, who lives follows the light.


Heaven and Hell

1 I want to herd you into space, only in heaven lies happiness. Death will soon take away your body. So consider well what you do, for the soul remains behind.
2 Your deeds are your soul, they remain when you die one day. That is why I do not conceal the fact that heaven and hell remain when you decay in the grave.
3 Heaven holds the new earth, hell is the sun’s storm from which they will not escape, souls that bore no fruits, fire and the darkness are their never more dead worm.
4 Therefore, you shall seek to serve the Kingdom of Heaven. Happy those who were watching, awake when I appeared in the world – but the kingdom does not come immediately.



1 You shall paint pictures – touched by my rays – which show me in the aeroplane, so that their heads may bow those who otherwise do not want to believe.
2 Already so often I travelled in the clouds with power. Those who only milked faith do not want this sense.
3 But if you want to attain salvation, then no longer seek the light.
4 So paint me in the clouds on the flight from Rome, and above those clouds the blue cathedral of heaven.


Start of the Judgement

1 For the trial has begun in the place for those in the grave – righteous ones understand it – and all who will yet walk the earth.
2 No sentence is yet pronounced; no judgment is yet executed. The stick is not yet broken; the embers still burn hidden.
3 So I set out to separate the wheat from all the chaff; I had enough to suffer, so I never shy away.
4 So I set out to separate the sheep from the goats; I do not want to avoid it any more, for in this way I can sleep peacefully.
5 It is not yet decided what will perish, what will live; the mountains are not yet melting, the sea is not yet boiling, but my heart trembles, for I must come to you and winnow the husks.
6 I speak clear words; those who hear and do not understand remain outside the gate; those who swallow it soon go with me.
7 I am the way, who else shows you the solution? Recognise the truth in me, I will put up with.
8 And if I am, I am the life. If you succeed, the kingdom will be yours. If it fails because of your doubts – then let faith be at once!


Golden Rule

1 And if heaven is the wide universe to you, and you want an eternal kingdom, listen to the sound of my voice; if not, let me be nothing to you.
2 Who wants to enter the kingdom of the universe has to benefit it more than harm it. Appearance counts for nothing; faith alone is a sure guarantee.
3 But whoever breaks with this heaven has only one choice and only one judgement in the court – the flaming torment of the sun.


For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Matthew 24:27

For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day.

Luke 17:24

A Meaning (II)

1 I have walked through Leipzig, have come from a festivity. But I was caught in pain, no comfort, not even a remnant.
2 Then a strange voice addressed me abruptly, and I in my grimness disregarded the man.
3 He spoke five strange words – a straw in my need – but it was the key to the gate, which is called escape here from death.
4 And a glow came over me, and nothing that was not grasped; found the meaning of my toils, the search was almost hated already.
5 The words, as strange as they sounded, as immoderate as their claim stings, they nevertheless satisfied all my longing; they guide like nightly light:
6 „Star treks are your product.“ Ah, would you too be blinded by lightning; the stranger I am now, I speak to you! Never forget the words, do not escape the spell!


Purpose in Life

1 In a bad hour in my deep distress, a lightning has appeared to me – I thought I would soon be dead.
2 Then, the next day, I became aware of the Scripture – almost three years passed before I recognised the lightning.
3 And now I am driven by a fear that I am missing the way. The fear that I was the wrong one is racking my soul.
4 Gathering together the elect, my purpose in life shall be? How shall I begin, I man am weak and small.
5 All my impulses drive me against reason, I shall follow logic; who can describe the strife?
6 Logic I must obey, around my neck a stone that will soon drown me if I do not reap harvest.


Life Path

1 A dragon wanted to devour me when I was still young and small; but Marx’s mind was not on gold, so my heart remained pure.
2 At sixteen, Italy’s greenest scion came into my life; da Vinci was the name of the fat seed, he took me on his steed.
3 I plunged into another world, it became familiar and close to me; but soon the way was already blocked, with other eyes I soon saw the pictures of early love – the tide of the Renaissance – the resistance of the world drove me out of balance.
4 the pictures of early love – the tide of the Renaissance – the resistance of the world drove me out of balance.
5 I began to search for the meaning that stood behind the pictures; so it drew me towards mysticism, and that was foreign country.
6 I sought to find God, and knew not how or where; so first I found his scaffold – the ablaze world conflagration.
7 What shall I say now, what remains to be explained? So seek, so that you may find, only one path here, to ward off the fire, and live will the one that binds himself.
8 to this path so narrow and far, so often have I conjured it. Now there is still space, now there is still time, until now nothing is lost yet.
9 So now I am caught up unto God to teach the one path that saves mankind from his scaffold; only for this shall you honour me.
10 And when things stood at their worst for me, his throne descended, a mystical lightning joined me to him, to God, the Father – the Son


I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.

Deuteronomy 18:18

The New Seed

1 I want to leave my traces in your brains, burn them in, for what the forehead holds shall be my field, my acre.
2 And so I want to sow the seeds a thousand times, a million times, not shy to ford floods, to reach the land that is fallow.
3 For the sowing season has begun, holy, for the enemy’s name is death; if I have escaped him before, now hardship drives me to battle.
4 For the pull of eternal life, of the eternal flow of all deed, lets me hope not in vain when the new seed breaks upwards.
5 Trunk to trunk in row to row shall rise up to the sky; only life is worthy of consecration, nothing else can be holy.
6 „Holy, eternal, death not – life!“ is the slogan of that power which does not want to take but to give what makes you human.
7 The stream of life shall break its way into the universe of dreams, for only the open spaces of heaven’s nocturnal cathedral remain.
8 That is where the growth must strive for and that is where the blossom must send its seeds, so that we do not squander and waste the first of the things!


Impending End

1 Your end is near! I feel death. He beckons me, and his sword drieth red; my peace is gone.



1 For I shall never find another boat; I must fight bitterly. On my raft the end threatens, and it would bring me shame.
2 For I want to cross the sea and set my foot on new earth, for I cannot appreciate the woe of the old.


Winged White Horse

1 If my word enters your eyes and brains, my steed will also carry your weight, you, in white thread.
2 Scientists! – If you are, these words are for you. Be ready to storm the universe, I unlock the gate for you.
3 My winged white horse will multiply miraculously, it will carry each of you to all the heavens,
4 if only you recognise the meaning and act according to what I send you, and renounce all trinkets!



1 Just as life was able to strive from the wet to the mainland because it was not afraid, so the chance presents itself to maintain the balance as it has done for billions of years, now daring to take new steps, not renouncing faith, mastering danger.
2 And let it be the souls’ own not to miss the goal, which is called eternal life. Let life serve life, for it was given to us for this purpose; whoever does not praise life is a slave to death and harms all of us living beings – make an effort to live!
3 So now the horn sounds for gathering, before the servants of the world of the dead barricade the gate; in the sky my sign twinkles, a beginning, still unparalleled – the tent of the celestial travellers. So concentrate your will to satisfy the longing now; the field was tilled early…


German Jerusalem – German Judea

1 I ask you, you who are Christians, do you believe in the word of the Shepherd? What means the work of the fascists to you, what means the murder of the Jews to you?
2 You know that it is written in the Scripture of the abomination, where it shall not be. You know that it is written in the Scripture what the temple stones shall teach. You know that it is written in the Scripture about the end of Jerusalem.
3 How can you practise equanimity when worse things shall happen than what the world has seen dawn here in Germany in the Holocaust?
4 Do you want to tear up your Scripture now, or are you comfortable approving of a new murder roaring in Jerusalem?
5 Judea died in agony; what remained was scattered into the world; what could no longer be corrupted joined one another in the land around the holy place.


Against Death

1 I want to murder death, I want to rob him, the thief, his holiest shall burn, who steals our life – more than I like.
2 And full of deceit I want to deceive him, without him feeling it; and I want to lie to him coldly, thus lulling him into security, without my heart touching it.
3 I want to erase his traces wherever it seems possible; I want to sound my trumpets, so that behind my shoulders the army unites like a giant,
4 which alone can fight him in the superiority of the Spirit. Death, your kingdom I want to vanquish, knowing that this truly final battle will never end unless victory beckons to YOU.


The Resurrection

1 Classes, races that hate each other? The peoples are like masses of cells.
2 Joined together to form the higher whole that is destined to reproduce.
3 As truly as a man is alive as the sum of all parts, so Jesus Christ speaks the truth, who shows you the way to salvation;
4 for every man’s soul lives in all his deeds; and whether or not man strives for good, the soul will come into the whole, which I have previously named with my words.
5 And if the soul also seems to live in dead objects, these works are precisely parts that would become a whole if this whole succeeded in avoiding death and spreading to heaven.
6 In space the soul could thus be resurrected in new flesh and could see itself transformed – so I do not conceal the Scripture –;
7 the new body – mankind with all its works, ready for eternal triumph, I tell you it, you shall remember it.


Signs of the Times

1 So hear my word, for I see the sap rising to the buds until blossoms soon appear;
2 and if the summer is of no use to grow figs, neither will the tree succeed in giving seed.
3 And then when winter approaches, which I have been talking about, the stick is broken quite soon,
4 then ten thousand devils will laugh you to scorn, and hell will be your reward for ever.



1 I break into your house, into your cranial cavity, and even if it fills you with horror now: I fish for your soul!


Heaven – the Universe

1 Hear anew the sound of my voice, its echo anew: Salvation alone, true existence, salvation from the deep fall is given to you solely by the Kingdom of Heaven in space!


Salvation in Your Own Cause

1 The Last Day is long – a creeping doom. But longer is the art of fleeing the conflagration that will terrify the earth, so that the Scripture will be fulfilled.
2 You laugh and rejoice so cheerfully and believe that it will always go on like this; the Lord God will sort it out. The Lord God will destroy those who do not fear him. And the salvation lasts long, so long.
3 If you want to win your life, then you must begin soon, for wide are the seas of the heavens, and even if I ride the winged white horse – you must build the arks for yourselves or renounce life.
4 What is the point of backtalk here, what is the point of quarrelling and feuding? The world will perish. And if you want to resurrect, then mankind must give birth, the ears must sprout from the grain.


Advice (I)

1 Stay firm as a stone, crystalline and pure! So save with hardness what still flees from the sword!
2 No rumbling rage, no praise of their own changes your course. The seething crowd is named only ignominy and narrowness and scoffs that it was delusion. So practise patience, pay off your debt, your plan is ancient.


Jerusalem, You New City

1 Jerusalem, you shall be my love, to you alone shall my drive drive me. Jerusalem, you shall be my bride, you shall become very near and dear to me.
2 No other women do I want to follow, I want to love you quietly in peace, Jerusalem, you new city ascending to heaven.
3 Jerusalem, if you are full of purpose, then you are a bold beauty; Jerusalem, if you are full of meaning, then I melt with love.
4 You will be eternally beautiful, eternally young, you will never lose your momentum, Jerusalem, you new city ascending to heaven.


The Order

1 An Order shall arise, guided by my hand, and shall never more perish, not even by world conflagration,
2 the holy brotherhood, supported by all Christians, familiar with all wiles to rob death of power.
3 The seal in the forehead is called „Kingdom of Heaven in Space“, burned into their brains, they want to resist the fall.
4 Heaven holds life, on earth it will burn; into space they shall strive who call themselves members of the Order.


Advice (II)

1 Preserve hope as firmly as you can, and nourish it with all your strength! As you entrench yourselves with it, fate creates paths.
2 And beware, the care of the world does not rest to push you away; but what existence sustains you shall not perish in the glow of the dream!



1 The Titanic, it will sink, the iceberg will see it sink;
2 the false pomp, the false pride, the rotten wood will sink.
3 The proud ship will sink; where the iceberg drifts, there is no need for a reef;
4 all the shallow idols will sink into the deepest flood,
5 into the black depths deep below, where they rightly have an eternal grave!
6 The useless must perish, only the good will endure;
7 but God alone passes the sentence, the right justice – God’s scaffold.

26.03.2002 und 27.06.2010

Sword of the Spirit

1 Sword of the Spirit that I am, that divides the spirits! I give meaning to someone who follows me, not to someone who avoids me.